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July 2001, St. Lawrence River on Alisa
We bought Alisa, a 29 ft cruising sailboat from Herb Taylor, the original builder and owner. Designed by Phil Bolger and Friends, there have been somewhere between seven and eleven of these boats made in different parts of the world.

Docked just before haulout
Plenty of room on deck for crayons and coloring book
The living area is very roomy.
In the background is one of the many large freighters that ply the St. Lawrence river.
Alisa's draft is only 1 foot 1 inch with the boards up. This allows us to anchor in quiet spots where the big generator toting power and sail cruisers don't dare to go. At this spot we were entertained by swarms of purple martins.
One person can lower the heavy mast (I did this while we were underway) because it is counter weighted.
Evening sail on a broad reach.
Herb, the builder and (previous) owner at the helm.
Just ahead of the dog house is the dinghy stored in a shipshape fasion on deck. This little dingy isn't much to look at, but she stows nicely, rows well and holds 400 lbs. We hoist her on deck using the spinaker pole and some block and tackle.
Here you can glimpse her flat bottom. The tarp is to cover the bow well.

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