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Materials and Costs
The cost: $2713
A note about my costs: I had absolutely nothing in the way of boating stuff beforehand except for some leftover line from my last boat. I used lumber yard materials, but I used clear redwood in places. I wound up buying more epoxy, polyurethane glues, paint and hardware than I needed. I could have probably cut $500 to $1000 out of the cost if I had really tried.

  • Lumber: AC Fir plywood, pine 1x4, A-grade redwood for the mast, seats, hatch
  • Fasteners: Silicon-Bronze nails, galvanized deck screws, brass wood screws, stainless steel deck screws, zinc coated bolts and nuts
  • Glue: epoxy, PL premium, PL premium liquid, PL 400 construction, Elmers polyurethane
  • Paint: Homebase brand oil based house paint and primer, Deckworks exterior varnish (I had a hard time getting this varnish to cure)
  • Sail: I didn't have any sewing supplies at all. I calculated that I could have bought sailcloth and supplies for abound $250 (including things like sailor's palm and a gromet die). So Sailrite was maybe 30% more expensive than doing it all myself. I also bought some extra stuff like a bolt rope that never used.
lumber & misc hardware$1009
Raka epoxy & epoxy supplies$247
sails & sail tools (Sailrite - awsome folks)$365
oars (Barkely Sound - great spruce oars), oar leathers from Woodenboat$102
sail rig: lines, blocks, anchor, deck hdw, sunbrella cloth, cusions, compass, misc hdw... from Defender$440
trailer & traier supplies$550

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