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Heavy Weather Report, Aug 2000

My family and I took Cream Cheese on a camp-cruising weekend at lake McConnaughy in Nebraska. The boat performed beyond my wildest expectations.

Winds were a steady, starting at 10 mph in the morning and peaking at 25 mph by 5 or 6 in the evening (kind of felt like the warm trade winds). We had a single reef tied in the whole time, but if we had had to go upwind in the strongest breeze, she would have done it handily with a second reef. Even when reefed, the sail shape was perfect. She was plenty stable with that reef tied in, and was very dry. We were probably going hull speed most of the time, though I didn't have a measuring device. The kids were comfortable and even slept during the windy parts! I took her out by myself in the afternoon and got her up on a plane, surfing on a broad reach.

Having a halyard was very handy in this wind. The back and forth lacing works very well for lowering, though I have to help the sail over the snotter pulley.

Beaching was a pleasure. We hit the beach sailing dead downwind, let the sheet fly and that handy sprit rig just flew over the bow with no fuss. Then I turned the bow to the waves and pushed her up the beach, lowered the sails and that was it.

Storage and stowing was excellent. We overpacked a little - had enough food, equipment and supplies for a whole week! I have rails inside at the chine and gunnle level to help lash gear and stuff.

Jim was right about the cockpit seats. She is much more comfortable with no seats at all. Having done it both ways, I'll never put the benches back in.

First reef tied in
Landing at the campsite
At home on the beach
At home on the beach
At home on the beach

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