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Building Log
Building total: 170 hours

This was my first boat. I had no problems with Jim's plans or instructions other than my own goofs. The kids and I had fun the whole time, with no major do-overs. Thanks Jim!

1-30-99buy wood & glue2 hr40 degrees
1-31-99mark up bulkheads1.5 hr40 degrees
2-7-99cut bulkheads, glue #12.8(w/kids)4 hr60 degrees
2-20-99bulkhead 22 hr
2-27-99bulkhead 7.53 hr40 degrees
3-13-99epoxy fill panel 2, botched transom (w/ kids)1 hr40 degrees
4-11-992nd transom1 hr45 degrees
4-18-99transom & bulkhead 2 (w/ kids)1.5 hr45 degrees
4-24-99loft & glue sides2 hr40 degrees
5-2-99cut side 1, glue side 21.5 hr55 degrees
5-8-99patch holes w/ epoxy, assemble sides to bulkheads (w/ kids)8 hr60 degrees
5-15-99cut wales & chine logs (w/kids)2 hr70 degrees
5-16-99glue up first layer of wales 2.5 hr70 degrees
5-21-99wales + chine log 1 (w/ kids)3.5 hr70 degrees
5-22-99chine log 22 hr70 degrees
6-5-99loft & glue bottom, fair chine logs (w/ kids)4 hr70 degrees
6-6-99cut bottom & mount on hull, fill knot holws (w/kids)6 hr70 degrees
6-13-99sand bottom edges (w/ kids)3 hr60 degrees
7-5-99fiberglass bottom w/ epoxy & tape starboard chine2 hr80 degrees
7-10-99glass tape port chine, repairs & putty, second coat of epoxy3 hr70 degrees
7-11-99glass bow grounding area1 hr70 degrees
7-18-99deck clamps3 hr70 degrees
7-22-99deck clamps + supports & deck beams8 hr80 degrees
7-25-99assemble decks8 hr80 degrees
7-31-99sanding & corners1 hr70 degrees
8-1-99oarlocks & seat cleats7 hr70 degrees
8-7-99oarports & leeboard guards, rudder cheeks (w/ kids)4 hr70 degrees
8-8-99oarports, leeboard guards, seats (w/ kids)6 hr70 degrees
8-15-99seats1 hr80 degrees
8-22-99leeboard & leeboard guards4 hr80 degrees
9-4-99sand & prime (w/ sprayer)6 hr80 degrees
9-18-99prime coat 2 (brush & roller) (w/ kids)6 hr70 degrees
9-25-99prime coat 2, final paint inside4 hr75 degrees
10-3-99final paint outside (w/ kids)3 hr75 degrees
10-9-99finish paint & work on rudder4 hr75 degrees
10-17-99paint red gun'nls & misc sanding2 hr65 degrees
12-23-99paint leeboard1 hrgot a garage heater!
12-25-99sew sailbag, reef patches4 hr
12-26-99sew sail patches, reef points5 hr
12-28-99sew sail patches2 hr
12-29-99sew seams & tape, install grommets (done w/ sail!)5 hr
1-1-2000paint leeboard & misc parts1 hr
1-3-2000paint leeboard & install windows2 hr
1-8-2000cut scarf joints for mast2 hr
1-9-2000cut/glue scarf joints for mast, oarlock sockets, gudgeons, pintles, seats6 hr
1-12-2000mark & slice mast2 hr
1-14-2000slice mast & glue 2 halves1 hr
1-15-2000slice mast, mast parner3 hr
1-16-2000shape & sand mast, mast parner, plug knot hole in mast4 hr
1-18-2000varnish spars & misc pieces2 hr
1-20-2000varnish second coat1 hr
1-22-2000load onto trailer, rigging, ridgepole & a-frame for boat cover2 hr
1-23-2000fitting the trailer, oar leathers, rig leeboard3 hr
TOTAL 170 hr

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