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Wyoming, May 2001
We beach camped for three days on Seminoe lake on the North Platte river in central Wyoming. We were double reefed about half the time. This was particularly useful when we sailed into the canyon as the gusts were very strong and apt to come from any direction. One afternoon it was too windy to go out and it blew so hard, the sand in the air hurt and the foam blowing off the top of the waves got things wet (this with only a 1 mile fetch). We had to take the tent down for fear of losing it. While the wind was howling, the kids played with legos in the cuddy (the boat was high on the beach) without noticing that something unusual was going on.

The calm after the storm
Those caves in the background were teeming with cliff swallows
She is heavy at the bow because of all of the camping gear, food and water.
There isn't standing headroom under the bimini top, but the cover works great in the brutal sun we have here on the high plains. I sewed the top from sunbrella and used galvanized conduit for the frame. I used stock bimini hardware from the local powerboat store and ground them out (using a dremel tool) to fit the conduit dimensions (which are not the same as 3/4" tube).

I used sewing instructions from two books "The Complete Canvasworker's Guide" by Jim Grant and "This Old Boat" by Don Casey. Sewing was done in a day, and miscellaneous mounting etc took another day.

Notice the sloppy reefing; I fixed it before we got underway.

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