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December 2000, Family boat building Precious, a Bolger Elegant Punt
On Christmas break 2000/2001, I enlisted 7 or 8 kids with a sprinkling of extra adults to build an 8' Bolger Elegant Punt. We finished the hull in two and a half days. The painting and finishing happened later with the help of some unusual painting gear

Construction: 1/4" AC exterior plywood, lumberyard pine framing, PL Premium polyurethane glue, galvanized deck screws.

Tools: electric drill, japanese saw, jack plane, hammer (we rented a table saw to rip the chine logs from .75" x 1.5" to .675" x 1.25" so we could bend them to the sides.)

Surface prep crew. We even got some help from the dog, Nemo.
Bulk head fastening crew.
Edge cleanup with jack plane.
Laying the bottom
only have three clamps... what to do?
Looks good on her side! But will she float?
Finishing crew in the paint booth. Notice the Glad Bag work clothes
Tropical colors.
Sea trials were successful. She was christened Precious after a Lord of the Rings artifact.
You can hold a lot of passengers when they only weigh 30lbs each.
Pelicans and Mangroves.
Frank finally let someone else drive!

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